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Center for Language Teaching Advancement (CeLTA)

Many different types of internships with CLS are available (see below for more information on the various opportunities). All of them follow the guidelines of Interships@State. All applicants must have strong communication and English skills and be comfortable with technology. All internships are unpaid, but provide excellent experience and are a great resume builder! They are flexible in time: 3-10 hours a week for 6-15 weeks, fall, spring, and summer semesters. Interns will be reporting to and working closely with the CLS Director.

CLS Internships might be available

Educational Administration: Excellent organizational skills required. Learn about various aspects of Educational Administration in areas of program management including: budgeting, scheduling, ordering, creating professional development opportunities, and hiring.

Outreach and Publicity: Excellent communication skills required. Maintain communication with community partners, update and improve website, create and update PR materials, attend fairs and events.

Teacher Training/Education: Must have strong background in language teaching. Observe teachers and offer feedback, help mentor novice teachers, review and update training orientations, manuals, and workshops.

Materials Development: Background in language teaching preferred. Assist in the review, updating, and creation of support materials for teachers (e.g., lesson plan ideas, tips for the classroom, reviewing web resources and creating information sheets about using new technologies, etc.)

Grant Writing: Excellent English skills required. Identify grant opportunities and assist in writing grant applications.

Web Design: Background in web design preferred. Maintain CLS website, assist instructors in creating and updating language-specific websites.

Video Production: Experience with video editing preferred. Film portions of various CLS programs, edit video to create clips for various purposes (some for advertising, some for teacher training, some for portfolios, and some for fundraising, etc.).

Publishing: Help create (or re-design) multiple handbooks/manuals for teachers, students, and international exchange programs.

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