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Center for Language Teaching Advancement (CeLTA)
Session Materials

You will find all of the session handouts and materials here after the presentations.

We will post the materials throughout the orientation, so keep checking back.


Transitional Survival Skills

36 tips for international students from international students

Culture shock

Student quotes regarding successful living in international environments


Diversity of U.S. Campuses

Session presentation


Sexual Harassment / Discrimination

Session presentation

Resources handout


Classroom Management

Session presentation



Creating and Using Foreign Language Materials

Session presentation


Foreign Language Teaching Methodology and Curriculum Development

Session presentation



U.S. Academic Evaluation System

Session presentation

Sample grading components


Performance Assessment

Session presentation

ACTFL Can-Do Statements


Technology in the Language Learning Classroom

Session presentation

Group task handout


Developing Personal and Professional Communities

Scenarios for politeness strategies

Softening phrases for requests

Refining your requests: Saying no politely

How to separate the personal and professional on social media

Expressions for starting and ending conversations

Expressions for agreeing, disagreeing, suggesting alternatives, and interrupting

Social networking dos and don'ts for professionals

Small talk

Tips for writing better email

The essential guide to crafting a work email


Goal Setting

Session presentation