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Opening Doors to Cultures in Detroit

CeLTA has a long-standing partnership with John R King Academic and Performing Arts Academy in Detroit Public Schools. CeLTA staff and affiliates offer language and culture programming on site and summer camps on campus.

Cook and Learn: A Taste of Language And Culture

In collaboration with the Creativity Exploratory, Senior Andrew Najor designed a research project to better understand how following a recipe in another language can reinforce language skills in second language (L2) learners, specifically imperatives, through task-based learning. The project investigated the effectiveness of L2 cooking tasks on vocabulary retention and culture learning. 

Imagine Flint

As part of a broader College initiative, CeLTA participates in efforts to support of the city's master plan for a sustainable Flint. CeLTA's project, One World, One Day, introduces participating children to different language and cultures and connects their daily lives to those abroad.