Graduate Certification in College Teaching

Foreign Language Track

Complete information about the overall certification program is available at the College of Arts and Letters certification website.

About the CAL Certification Program generally:

Designed to provide background and training in teaching at the college level, the Graduate Certificate in College Teaching program includes coursework, workshops, and seminars that provide basic information on teaching and learning.

In addition, the program requires a mentored teaching experience and the development of a teaching portfolio. Part of the purpose of the program is to prepare graduate students to teach in a range of institutions such as community colleges, liberal arts colleges, research-intensive universities, etc.

This certification program offers students a way of documenting their developing expertise as teachers. The materials developed in the teaching portfolio, along with the certificate and possible designation on the studentʼs transcript, may assist graduates seeking employment in an increasingly competitive job market.

The program is designed to supplement the studentʼs degree program, and it may be tailored to meet the needs and goals of individual participants. The program provides coherence for the varied teaching experiences individuals gain as part of their careers as graduate students.

About the Foreign Language Track of the CAL certification:

Students in foreign language programs and the Second Language Studies program who apply to the certification program will fulfill certification requirements via approved language-related content. For example, students may choose from a list of approved courses that will fulfill the “seminar courses” requirement:

Principles and Practices of Language Teaching

  1. LLT 807 Language Teaching Methods (SLS)

  2. ROM 803 Current Approaches to Romance Language Instruction (RCS)

  3. FLT 807 Foreign Language Teaching Methods (MAFLT online) 

Technology and Language Teaching 

  1. AL 891 Practicum in Blended and Online Learning (Arts & Letters)

  2. FLT 881 Teaching Foreign Language with Technology (MAFLT online)

  3. LLT 841 Technology and Language Teaching (SLS)

Please direct questions about how to fulfill language-related certification requirements to CeLTA’s Assistant Director, Caitlin Cornell (, who facilitates and advises the CAL certification for students in language-related programs.

NOTE: This certification program is a supplement for currently enrolled MSU graduate students. This is not to be confused with the certification associated with the MA in Foreign Language Teaching Program ( which non-MSU students may apply for.