The Service of Language
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The Service of Language

Spring Break, 2022. I was eating eggs and grits at a hole-in-the-wall diner in Savannah, Georgia with my girlfriend, Molly, when I got the video call from my grandmother. I…

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Exemplary Educators: Sandhya Shanker

One of the primary sites of transformation during the pandemic was education. The abrupt transition from traditional schooling to fully online course schedules jolted the nation, students and educators alike.…

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Keeping Classrooms Inclusive

In recent years, it has become increasingly important to maintain an inclusive environment in educational settings. As the leader of the classroom, it is the educator’s responsibility to foster this…

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Meet CeLTA GA: Sierra Bauman

For many students of language, structured courses are a necessary aspect of the learning process. However, all students of language know that not everything about a language and culture can…

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Meet CeLTA GA: Sam Liu

As we lovers of language all know, language learning is a process that inherently allows us to become more independent. We learn to communicate with people from around the world…

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