Keynotes from Felix Kronenberg and Emily Heidrich Uebel

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On March 2, 2023, NLRC/CeLTA Director Felix Kronenberg and NLRC Associate Executive Director Emily Heidrich Uebel delivered a keynote address at the Consortium of Middle East National Resource Centers Virtual Language Pedagogy Workshop hosted by the University of Texas, Austin. The conference is a professional development forum aimed towards post-secondary Middle East language educators. It is an opportunity for inter-institutional collaboration and a chance to enhance language programs nationwide. 

The title of the keynote was Supporting LCTL Educators and Programs Through Resources, Training, and Collaboration. The program included an introduction to the various ongoing projects at the NLRC, and explained why each one is important to the development of language education, revitalization, and boosting engagement with language classes in higher education. 

During the keynote, Felix and Emily emphasized the need for high quality resources in LCTL education, and the importance of accessibility to said resources. The mission of the NLRC is to provide these open, high-quality resources to LCTL educators and programs across the country. 

By El Taverna