Unlikely Places

A college classroom is one of the ideal environments for learning a language. But sometimes due to issues of accessibility or availability, it just isn’t possible. Casey Orr (2024)’s perseverance has allowed her to find language education in unlikely places, like on the hillside of a tiny town in Portugal.

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Salina’s Summer Abroad
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Salina’s Summer Abroad

Anyone who has experienced it will tell you the same thing: if you’re lucky enough to have the opportunity and means to study abroad, do it. For many people, studying abroad is the highlight of their college experience. It is the perfect opportunity to learn about and appreciate other cultures and make memories that are both unforgettable and un-regrettable. For Salina Voegtly, that is exactly what her summer in Italy consisted of.

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Senior Spotlight: Matt Miller

Language learners are among some of the hardest-working students in college. The lessons are rigorous, the commitments are high, and practice must be constant in order to be successful. Matt…

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International Relations IRL

Isabelle Borr (Class of 2024) embodies diplomacy. From Model UN in high school to majoring in International Relations and Arabic with a minor in Security Management at James Madison College,…

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The Service of Language
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The Service of Language

Spring Break, 2022. I was eating eggs and grits at a hole-in-the-wall diner in Savannah, Georgia with my girlfriend, Molly, when I got the video call from my grandmother. I…

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