Keeping Classrooms Inclusive

In recent years, it has become increasingly important to maintain an inclusive environment in educational settings. As the leader of the classroom, it is the educator’s responsibility to foster this…

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Cultivating a Community

It’s safe to say that all language learners recognize the importance of establishing a community with other language learners. Unfortunately, it’s also safe to say that the pandemic has thwarted this process for millions of students who aim to create a multinational community. This is how Sarah Owens, a second-year Japanese student at MSU, found a way to connect in a time where opportunities to do so are limited.

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A Connector of Cultures

You’ve heard language learning described as a journey of self-discovery, but have you ever wondered why? How is it that teaching yourself a different way to say the same things brings out a side of yourself that you’ve never known before? Ren McCowan, a third-year student at Michigan State, discovered another part of himself as he began to connect to the Japanese culture.

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Speaking Their Language

Every person starting a new language-learning journey has their own unique reasons why. It could be a language spoken by family, a friend, or a land they long to visit. There is no wrong reason, just an unending amount of inspiration.

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No travel? No problem! Learning a new language during the pandemic

Being stuck in the house for the past few months has inspired many to be adventurous in different ways, whether it be trying out fun recipes, getting a new pet, or maybe even learning a viral Tik Tok dance. Kaylee McCarthy was excited to use her newly found free time to do something that she has always loved to do: learn more languages.

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Opening the Borders of Your World
Teaching for the EPIC program

Opening the Borders of Your World

Like most MSU students right now, Elena Vasileva has returned home to finish her semester virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The only difference is that for her, home happens to be in Russia.

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Languages: An Antidote to Hatred

Arabic, German, Swedish, and a smattering of Ancient Greek. Sam Meade is not a language major and he may not be fluent yet, but these are all languages he’s studied in one way or another during his four years at Michigan State.

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