Our free event showcases different countries and cultures. We introduce the cultures and languages, play games, sing songs, and do arts and crafts. It is an opportunity to travel the world in an afternoon.

Travel the World in a Day! CANCELLED

Our culture event is scheduled on Saturday, March 21st from 2-4 pm in B-135 Wells Hall and is offered free of charge to the general public. The event will showcase languages and cultures of different countries. Visitors will have a chance to visit every country and travel the world in a day! Parking is available in the adjacent lots west of the building and in lots 79 (Spartan Stadium) and 39 (Engineering/International Center). Please note that lot 55 is reserved for vehicles with faculty and staff permits throughout the weekend.

CLS Book fair

Our culture event will also feature a book fair. We are soliciting donations of gently used books for all ages in languages other than English (bilingual books are accepted). Drop off your books at our main office in B135 Wells Hall during regular business hours, Mondays-Fridays, 10am-5pm (CLS parents can drop books off when getting their kids for CLS classes at the drop off area-please let us know in advance so our staff can bring a cart). Books will be available for free (with suggested donations) on the day of the Culture Event. All proceeds will go toward scholarships for our language programs for members of low-income communities and the US military and their families.

All programs are accessible for participants with special needs. CLS must be notified at least four weeks prior to a program start date in order to determine reasonable accommodations.

Upcoming events:

  • Saturday, March 21st from 2pm-4pm in B135 Wells Hall

Past events:

  • Multicultural Event: China, France, Germany, India, Japan, Jordan, Mexico, Nigeria, and Turkey
  • Multicultural Event: France, India, Japan, Nigeria, the Philippines, Russia, and Vietnam
  • Multicultural Event: China, Korea, Mauritania, the Philippines, and Vietnam
  • Multicultural Event: China, India, the Philippines, Russia, Tanzania, Turkey, and Vietnam
  • Multicultural Event: China, Italy, Nigeria, Russia, and Taiwan
  • Multicultural Event: China, Ecuador, Germany, and the Philippines
  • Multicultural Event: Brazil, Malaysia, and Uzbekistan
  • Multicultural Event: Nigeria – Hausa and Yoruba – and Tanzania
  • Italian Culture Event
  • French Culture Event
  • Multicultural Event: Bangladesh, Senegal, and Uzbekistan
  • Multicultural Event: Brazil, Israel, and Nigeria
  • German Culture Event: Fasching

Please review our Program Policies and Procedures.

Over the past decade, there has been a rise in the number of children who have life-threatening food allergies. Our goal is to keep all children in a safe and inclusive environment, where accommodations are explored and implemented when safe. CLS adopted a No NUTS policy in 2016. Although we can not guarantee a nut free school, we make reasonable effort to purchase nut free products for our programs. CLS makes a reasonable effort to inform those who might bring food onto the school’s campus such as parents/guardians, teachers, and volunteers. CLS cannot guarantee a nut free campus.