Does your language department or academic unit need on-demand specialized expertise? Save money and time by consulting with our highly skilled team at the Center for Language Teaching Advancement. We offer short-term and long-term services in many areas of specialization by a highly professional team.

Language Program Consulting by CeLTA (LPC) is a service for language programs, departments, centers or other academic units. LPC provides dependable, transparent, consistent, high-quality consultancy services that cover many expert areas.

Expert Areas the LPC Covers:

  • curriculum design 
  • physical language learning space design 
  • language center/lab design 
  • online and hybrid language teaching solutions 
  • technology and language learning/teaching 
  • accessibility and language learning 
  • placement and proficiency testing 
  • community-based language education 
  • assessment 
  • auditing, program evaluation, unit governance 
  • strategic planning 
  • general consulting

Consulting Highlights:

  • each consulting project has a dedicated project leader but access to the whole CeLTA team  
  • expertise in many areas to fit your particular needs 
  • clear cost structure 
  • not for profit 
  • professional, dependable, transparent, confidential 
  • multiple and flexible modality options: face-to-face (incl. Travel to client institutions), virtual – synchronously (e.g. live consulting sessions via Zoom) and asynchronously (e.g. writing reports and recommendations; surveys; data collection), or any combination of these 
  • Free 25 minute triage conversation with the CeLTA Director to determine needs, structure, and feasibility.  


We have made consulting costs very simple and clear: $75 per person/hour. An initial consultation (25 minutes) with the CeLTA Director is free, and there is absolutely no commitment to sign up for anything. This rate covers our expenses and is not designed to create a profit. We pay a certain percentage to MSU as overhead; the rest is split evenly and goes into these separate accounts: 

  • 50% goes into one account that allows us to offer these services to institutions who have no funds to afford such consulting services 
  • 50% goes into consultants’ professional development accounts, which allows them to pay for their own professional development, conferences, workshops, technology, licenses, research and resources 

About CeLTA

As a locally grounded and internationally minded hub for language education transformation, our mission is to empower language educators, engage language learners, and enhance language learning and teaching practices through innovation, research, advocacy, and professional development. CeLTA is a dynamic department-level center in the College of Arts & Letters.


“Felix Kronenberg was an excellent leader during the planning process of our new LRC. During our 6-month contact, Felix brought his extensive background knowledge, strategic planning skills, and subject-matter expertise on language resource centers and curricular design to each meeting. He was a great collaborator: he was able to draw from experience and native skill to make apt suggestions, and do so in effective ways. At every step, Felix was a sensitive, humble listener. The result of partnering with CeLTA was a state-of-the-art facility designed specifically for our community, students, faculty, and staff. Felix Kronenberg continues to be a friend of Wheaton College.”

Department of Modern and Classical Languages, Wheaton College (Wheaton, IL)

“In the spring of 2018, conversations were underway to determine the need to transform the TCU language lab into a language and culture center. Felix Kronenberg took the time to come visit us, meet with administrators and language faculty, share his expertise, and provide the essential rationale, suggestions, and recommendations that were instrumental in convincing them to move forward with the transition from lab to center. Felix compiled a detailed and effective report that became the guiding light for the transformation.

Marie M. Schein, Ph.D., Texas Christian University

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