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CeLTA Professional Development Series

Every Wednesday, we host a series of workshops and talks for language educators at all levels. Join us to gain deeper insights into ongoing trends in teaching methodology and to exchange resources and ideas in an engaging atmosphere! Pizza and soft drinks will be served at all events.

Spring 2018 Dates

Unless indicated otherwise, all events are on Wednesdays, 1-2pm, Wells B135. 

  • January 24: Software available for placement testing at MSU (Paula Winke and Emily Heidrich) - B125
  • January 31: Qualtrics survey software overview: Applications for research (Jeff Maloney and Dan Isbell) - B125
  • February 7: Create media-rich speaking assignments using H5P (Shannon Spasova)
  • February 14: Developing your academic online presence (Kristen Mapes) - Main Library: Digital Scholarship Lab
  • February 21: Graphic narratives and digital mapping in the world language and culture classroom (Lynn Wolff and Matthew Handelman)
  • February 28: Correcting errors and giving feedback in the world language classroom (Sheng Zhang)
  • March 14: Teaching to who and where students are: Making courses accessible (Maddie Shellgren)
  • Thursday, March 15: Liaisons in French: What are students really learning in class? (Anne Violin-Wigent) - 3-4 pm in B135 (coffee and cookies will be provided)
  • March 21: Promoting foreign language study in middle schools (Alissa Cohen)
  • April 4: CeLTA grant updates: Language Proficiency Flagship and LCTL Partnership (Susan Gass, Paula Winke, Koen Van Gorp, and Emily Heidrich)
  • April 11: Measuring ESL learners' language profiles: An individual differences approach (Aline Godfroid)
  • April 18: Authentic reading texts from elementary to advanced (Zarema Kumakhova and Shannon Spasova)
  • April 25: Online ESL tutoring materials (Dmitrii Pastushenkov)

Download the spring overview

Interested in sharing your own ideas? Contact Sandhya Shanker at shankers@msu.edu.

Online Workshops

Select workshops are adapted into an online format.

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