Don’t You Wish You Could Read This?

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Bold. Vibrant. Meaningful. This is not just another poster campaign adorning the hallways, this is an opportunity for you to take action; changing the game for yourself, your academic career, and your future. We recognize how important it is for you to build an academic path that will pave the way for the future, and we are reaching out with boldness to those who are truly missing that last piece to their academic experience – learning a second language. This is not another ploy to enroll you in mindless electives, but a chance to take on something that will empower you beyond the classroom and into the world. 

As Charlemagne once said, “to have a second language is to possess a second soul”.  There is so much truth behind this statement, and this campaign was inspired by the very notion that there is more that you can take away from life when you learn a second language, including more people to interact with, more places to call home, more opportunities professionally and academically, and more posters to be able to read and understand.

This is your time and your opportunity to take on a second soul by learning a second language. Don’t you wish you could?

Two women hold up signs in foreign languages. Underneath, in English, it reads "Don't you wish you could read this?".