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Delia Castañeda
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Delia.jpgMy name is Delia and I am originally from Guatemala where I studied Education specializing in elementary education. I earned a B.A. in Higher Studies in Computer Programming with a teaching certificate from Francisco Marroquin University. I began teaching Spanish and Computer Science at an elementary school. I designed a curriculum of computer education for the pre-school and elementary level. At the high school level, I taught the course “Evaluation Designs for Children.” In 1994 I moved to East Lansing with my two daughters and my husband when he took over a position at Michigan State University. Since 1999, I have taught Spanish to home schooled families and tutored middle school, high school, and college students.

I’m a person who loves spending time with my family. I like to do crafts and like to eat Latin American food. In 2011, I started teaching Spanish for Preschoolers at MSU’s CeLTA Language School and it was a wonderful experience. So I’m so excited to teach, work, color, play, and sing in Spanish with all the preschoolers again this semester at CLS. I also enjoy teaching the Spanish adult course for CLS.