Michigan State University
Michigan State University
Center for Language Teaching Advancement (CeLTA)


Anytime from 5:00 am - 11:59 pm on Monday, August 6, 2018.


Anytime on Friday, August 10, 2018. (You will check out of the hotel on the 10th.)

Getting to East Lansing/MSU

Fly to Lansing: We strongly recommend that all FLTAs fly directly to Capital Region International Airport (LAN) in Lansing, on Monday, August 6, 2018. The airport is approximately twenty minutes from MSU's campus. A staff member or student worker will greet you at the airport. The staff member(s) will have an FLTA sign and will assist you in claiming your luggage and help you to ground transportation. The Lansing airport is very small, so you will easily find the staff member waiting for you. 

If you are flying through Chicago O'Hare airport, there is no feasible, alternate transportation to East Lansing. O'Hare is approximately 5 hours from East Lansing by car, and no bus or train leaves from the airport directly. Therefore, if your travel takes you through Chicago, you will need to fly into Lansing.

If you are flying through Detroit, AND you are an experienced traveler, there is an alternate means of arriving at East Lansing. Please email the directors for more information if you are an experienced, independent traveler.

Lost luggage

Unfortunately, every year, we have about 6-10 FLTAs whose luggage does not arrive with them.

If your luggage does not arrive with you when you first arrive in the U.S., go through customs. When you arrive in Lansing, notify an airline representative immediately and he or she will help you file a claim for lost luggage with your airline. The staff member or student greeter at the airport will also assist you. Ask the airline to send your lost luggage on to the East Lansing Marriott at University Place, 300 M.A.C Ave, East Lansing, MI 48823. When the delayed bags arrive, they will be sent to the hotel - usually a day or two later. In the worst case, they will send your lost luggage to your host institution.

Prepare by reviewing our Travel Tips.

Missed/Delayed/Canceled flights

  1. Stay calm - everything will work out.

  2. Talk directly to the airline representative to reschedule another flight. In many cases the flight is simply delayed, and we can keep track of that. In cases of a missed flight or a canceled flight, the airline should be able to reschedule your flight. In addition, in most cases (but not all), the airlines can provide some food vouchers and/or hotel accommodations, but you typically must ASK for them. Don't be shy - ask what help is available. 

  3. Call the emergency phone number (517-355-5105) to let us know of the delay and the new flight schedule. If you are unable to call, try to email or post on the Facebook group.

  4. If you are arriving in Lansing and we know your new flight arrival time, we will try to have someone there to greet you. However, if we miss you, we recommend a taxi to the East Lansing Marriott at University Place. Taxis are available right outside the baggage claim areas. The airport is very small and easy to navigate.

  5. If you are in Detroit, we do NOT recommend that you take a taxi/limo from Detroit to Lansing. The expense, safety, and the problems it causes with your luggage (which may already be on the flight to Lansing) are not worth it. Please wait for the rescheduled flight.

The address of the East Lansing Marriott at University Place is 300 M.A.C Ave, East Lansing, MI 48823.  The phone number of the hotel is 1-517-337-4440.


When you arrive at the hotel you have to do two things: check in at the hotel and check in at our registration table. It doesn’t matter in which order you check in at these two locations. You will need to show your passport for hotel registration. (IIE will ask you to send your DS2019 and your I94 online.)

We will have tours of the downtown area of East Lansing* starting every hour (2:00pm, 3:00pm, 4:00pm, 5:00pm, 6:00pm, 7:00pm, 8:00pm, 9:00pm, 10:00pm). You may also just rest in your room, exercise in the fitness room, chat in the lobby, or check email and Facebook at the business center in the Marriott hotel.

*East Lansing is a small town - please don't expect the downtown to look like the movies.


The Marriott Hotel provides free shuttles to the airport on Friday. They can also usually offer free shuttles to the train station. Sign up at the front desk from Monday - Wednesday. You might have to leave earlier than planned depending on shuttle availability, so sign up early. 

Early arrival/Late departure

You must have IIE approval for any early arrival. Please note that you will NOT be covered by insurance with early arrival. In addition, you are responsible for making all of the arrangements in advance, and you must pay for the room(s). If you arrive early, please come to the Marriott hotel between noon and 8pm on Monday, August 6 for check in and registration.

Regular departure is during the day on Friday the 10th. If you are staying the night on the 10th or later, you must make all of the arrangements yourself in advance, and you must pay for the room. MSU staff cannot make arrangements for you. Please be aware that hotels in East Lansing generally exceed $75 a night, and are often much more. The Marriott has a few rooms available, and some additional options include staying at the Kellogg Center or the Hampton Inn

*Please note: Hotels in the U.S. typically require a credit card - even if you are paying in cash. This is to protect them from damages, etc., but it is very frustrating for unprepared travelers.