Are you interested in applying what you are learning in your language classrooms in hands-on scenarios? CeLTA offers multiple ways (including volunteering opportunities, internships and hands-on courses) for you to actively use your language and culture knowledge and share your passion for language learning with others in the community.

CLS Volunteering

The Community Language School offers year-round language and culture classes for children and adults in the Greater Lansing community. Language students of all levels can apply to volunteer for our programs.

Volunteers can assist with on-campus classes for preschoolers (ages 3-6), kids (ages 6-9), pre-teens (10-12) and teens (13+), culture events on Saturdays, enrichment programs at elementary schools, and summer camps. The language volunteers play a crucial role in helping the lead teachers, assisting with classroom management, working with children one-on-one and in small groups, and possibly planning lesson modules and activities if interested.

Why volunteer?  

  • Pre-professional experience
  • Résumé builder
  • Use what you are learning in your language classroom
  • Practice your language and interact with native speakers
  • Share your experience with young learners
  • It’s fun

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CeLTA has a number of paid and unpaid internships available:

All internships follow the guidelines of MSU’s Interships@State program.

For more information on and benefits of internships, refer to the College of Arts and Letters Internship website.


AL491: Mentored Excellence in Inclusive Language Education and Leadership

1 Credit Experiential Learning Course ​- Fall 2020​

This online course aims to offer professional development for undergraduate students as a set of collaborative and job-embedded processes aimed at enhancing expertise, generating new knowledge, and translating new knowledge into evidence-based practices. Students will be involved with various programs and activities of the Community Language School and gain experience on pedagogical issues, language learning at different ages and understand the processes involved in community-based program administration.

For details, contact CLS (