Academic Year 2020-2021 Fellowships

Due to the budget situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic, we will unfortunately not be able to offer any faculty fellowships for 2020-2021.

Academic Year 2019-2020 Fellowships

CeLTA fellowships are open to language teaching faculty (tenure and non-tenure; academic specialists) and graduate students in a language-related field who wish to pursue a project that is beyond the scope of their regular teaching, research, or curricular development duties, and that aligns with CeLTA’s Mission:

“As a locally grounded and internationally minded hub for language education transformation, our mission is to empower language educators, engage language learners, and enhance language learning and teaching practices through innovation, research, experimentation, advocacy, and professional development.”

These projects may be focused on research, materials development, or outreach, but preferably have a clear, tangible outcome that is useful for the teaching profession.

Projects that focus on CeLTA’s core initiatives will have preference. CeLTA’s core initiatives focus on exploring (1) what language education at MSU would look like in 2035, (2) new ways of engaging students to learn languages more, and in better ways, and (3) Language for Specific Purposes (LSP) offerings. However, any suggestion that contributes to advancing language instruction at MSU and be effective and innovative in nature, will be considered.

Awards will be announced at the end of November 2019 for the 2019-2020 academic year. Project activity is to be completed by the end of Summer 2020. Two Fellowships of $1,500 will be awarded.

Recipients are expected to update CeLTA on the progress of the project once per semester. Recipients will also present their project results during the CeLTA PD series. At the end of the project, fellows will be required to report the project’s outcome in a short narrative that speaks to the teaching profession.

Please submit all of the following:

  • A two-page description of your project (see below)
  • A two-page CV
  • A budget (the money can be uses as a personal stipend, travel expenses, student hire or incentives, …)

The description of your project should include:

  1. A rationale
  2. A description of the research design, project, or materials to be developed
  3. Explanation of how (1) the project fits CeLTA’s Mission and core initiatives, and/or (2) advances language instruction in an effective and innovative way
  4. A timeline for the implementation of the project over AY 2019-2020
  5. Expected results and their impact on your career / professional development, on your department, and on the teaching profession

Submit to:

Center for Language Teaching Advancement (CeLTA)

via email to Felix Kronenberg at