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Conversation Hours & Open Office Hours

Come to the CeLTA space to practice your language skills and meet new people. This is an informal, low-pressure atmosphere where you can speak in the target language, ask questions, and learn more about culture. 

If you are a student taking a Spanish class (101-202) this semester and need help, feel free to stop by during the Spanish Open Office Hours. These are free to MSU students and are first come, first served on a drop-in basis. Note that the sessions are limited to 15 minutes per student. You can often get individual attention when you need it, or just work with others knowing that the instructor or TA is nearby to answer questions.


Reflect is an online tool for language learners to practice and self-assess speaking. Modeled after the SOPI (Simulated Oral Proficiency Interview), Reflect is useful for MSU students who wish to improve their speaking ability. Currently, we offer Arabic, Chinese, and Spanish modules. We also have an English module that can be adapted by other language students or used by ESL learners. The site can only be accessed with an MSU NetID.

Conversation Partner Guides

Intermediate and Advanced learners engaged in a language exchange may find our Conversation Partner Guides useful. The guides include advice on ways to find a language conversation partner, how to conduct a conversation partner session, and ways to start and maintain conversations. The following languages are available:

You can find conversation partners through various free services online.

Study Abroad

What better way to improve your language proficiency than studying abroad? MSU offers over 260 study abroad programs in more than 60 countries. Many of these programs have a language component that allows you to earn class credit (to go along with all of your new-found street cred).





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