Building Bridges for a Lifetime

Language can take you to places you could never imagine–which is exactly what happened to Chris Murphy. Chris, an MSU alumni, is now attending Peking University in Beijing pursuing a Master’s degree in Political Science. As he is now pursuing his passion for Chinese, we talked with him about what gave him that spark. 

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Putting It All Together

It was in a moment of interaction with a Buddhist Monk that Edvard experienced a transformation in her perceptions surrounding the power of translation, and the possibility that evolves when worlds collide...

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The Heart and Soul of My Activism

We live in a world that tends to provides more questions than answers, but for Maggie, there seems to always be an answer, a purpose, and even a hope. As a double major in Arabic and comparative cultures, Maggie seeks a unique path, especially when it comes to her goals in life. 

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To Follow Your Passion, Buy a One-way Ticket

In high school I worked at Panera Bread in the Chicago suburbs where half of the employees at Panera were monolingual Spanish speakers.  Although I took Spanish in school I had never said anything more than the answer to a question from my teacher. 

One morning I cut my finger pretty bad...

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Meeting Your Neighbors

“Learning a language is like being able to talk to all of your neighbors, rather than just looking out from a window. It opens up more doors and you get to meet all these amazing people.”

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It All Began With a Dream

“So, Why East Africa? What convinced you that this was a part of the world that you needed to understand more about?”
Rheanne smiled, and with eloquence and reflective poise, she began to tell her story.

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